Have you noticed that the same poor woman has been nursing an unknown child on the mothur wiki since the beginning of the project? That’s my wife and Schloss kid #4. Although she is now world renowned and forever linked with mothur, that picture doesn’t make for a very good logo. Would you like to help us do something about this?

That’s right! I’m announcing a competition to create a logo for mothur that we can use on websites, slides, and most importantly - swag. Perhaps you’ve noticed them. You know the kool kids with the cover of their laptop covered in stickers? Well here’s my laptop cover:

Pretty lame, eh? There’s a happy Octocat from GitHub, but nothing else. It’d be great to go to workshops and conferences and hand out stickers, maybe send people coffee mugs, or T-shirts. We need some mothur swag.

Here are the rules…

  • All submissions must be emailed to me by February 28th

  • The logo should be new and not subject to any copyright limitations. If you plagiarize anyone’s design, you will be drawn and quartered.

  • You have to be willing to hand the copyright over to the mothur project

  • The logo should look good as a thumbnail and when scaled to larger sizes

  • Bonus points if you adhere to the Sticker Constructor Standard

  • <there’s all sorts of fine print here that you can’t read>

  • I get final say in deciding on the logo and may resort to social media to help decide the winning entry if I can’t decide.

The payout will be free tuition to a mothur or R workshop that I teach (you will still have to get to the workshop and pay your own way). You are free to transfer your winnings to another one other person. You’ll probably also get some swag.